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Story about the Artist
10. 01. 2022
Jelena Martens

Artist from OZ

To approach the art of Ozrenko Mrkić in a superficial manner is
inappropriate because his paintings require our full attention. In
their own special way, they are an invitation to genuinely observe, to
notice, to discover, to look at the world and man in it. His paintings
represent a call to an awakening. “Why doesn,t man see things? He
obstructs the way himself; he conceals things” (Nietzsche).
Ozrenko’s paintings are not the gentle lullaby of a landscape pleas-
ing to the human eye; they do not lull a person, but rather awaken
human sensibility. It is difficult to remain indifferent to his painted
cry of suffering, joy, loneliness, passion, hopelessness, love, fear…
Ozrenko skillfully reveals to us all the richness of emotions that we
are capable of and that are human to feel. He is brave in that, both as a
creator and as a man, for he always offers us his naked self. “We have
art so that we do not perish from the truth” (Nietzsche). Presenting the
truth about himself, Ozrenko does not embellish reality to make it
easier for us to bear; on the contrary, he calls us to discover and face
it, even when it means suffering because suffering is an integral part
of life, often the most appropriate for life itself.
Any attempt to place Ozrenko on some artistic path, and then in
that way fence and restrict him as a creator, is doomed. With his work
he will shake that fence, free himself of every “ism” and, with magic
from his brush, emerge once again as his own – as an Artist from OZ.
Even if there were a direction in which they could place him, then it
could only be “Ozrenkism” – a path that does not impose a charted
vision of work, but serves as an incentive for self-discovery and crea-
tivity through its own expression.
An artist of Ozrenko’s sensibility and skill is often a lonely artist.
“The higher we go, the smaller we look to those who can’t fly” (Nietz-
sche). Being able to soar in Ozrenko’s worlds and capture at least
something of his playful world is an inspiring experience.

Translated by Draga Dragašević

Story about the Artist
10. 01. 2022
Vildana Stanisic – Keler

About the art works of
Ozrenko Mrkić

Take any of Ozrenko’s works and it is obvious that each of them de-
mands your attention. Images, colours, messages appear as wanting
to disarm you – everything wants to be seen and known from close
and afar, but as something more than another face, body, star, cof-
fee-cup spotted en passant.
Ozrenko has contained the movement, those floaters and drifters
our field of vision diffuses while browsing the exhibits. So, every-
thing becomes perfectly visible. It almost comes as a slap – sudden
realization that all elements define the interplay between personal
expression, sometimes cartoonish, and novelistic narrative.
Simple forms, combined arbitrarily, resonate with rhythms of
selected memories which are mimicking an enigma of time, reality,
and understanding. In doing so, the forgotten sneacks out tricking
our sense of completeness and control.
Ozrenko’s artworks have me staring at them in wonder and joy of
a discovery that never ends. It almost feels that I can just walk into
them and insert my own narrative element or pull out what is hidden
beneath. What a game!
Sensation of exciting playfulness gives a new meaning to what
someone once said: “Painting is power to render voice to the inner
inspirations of the heart”. Yes, indeed! Ozrenko’s paintings make
a chorus where each voice renders a new one, more powerful and

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