Saint Justin Popović

Excerpts from the book АЗБУЧНИК БОГОЧОВЕЧНИХ МИСЛИ АВЕ ЈУСТИНА ПОПОВИЋА, edited by Nevenka Pjevač, Belgrade, 2001
Translated from Serbian by Zoran Siriški
What is apostleship? Realizing the work of God. (4)
What is an apostle? The servant of Church.  And apostleship? Serving the Church, for salvation is serving the Church. As for serving the Church, it consists of obedience to the Church. Because it is - the secret of secrets, the holy of holies, the gospel of gospels, all-secret, all-holy, all-gospel. (15, 113)
What is the grace of apostleship? All those divine powers necessary for successfully preaching the Gospel: divine wisdom, the gifts of wonder making, prophecy, healing, utterance; everything that makes apostles from common people and what they as people would never be able to possess by themselves and out of themselves. (17,29)
Apostleship includes exactly that: permanently feeling oneself as sent by Lord the Christ, as a bearer of His godmanly miraculous all-power and salvific teachings. (9,295)
It is easy to be a messenger of man, any man; a messenger of people, any people. Being a messenger of God, though, is both frightening and magnificent: frightening for the responsibility it entails, magnificent for the purpose of the mission. (12,261)
Lord Jesus the Christ leaves to his disciples not only His doctrine but Himself as well, His personality. At this point he differs from other teachers, here His disciples differ from other disciples. Through holy secrets and holy virtues Lord Christ abides in His disciples, thus making them Christ-bearers. (9,310)
The Saviour grants authority to His disciples unseen by the world before, authority over sins and, by means of that, over death and Satan. (9,415)
In apostleship the Lord does not approve of other methods but His own,those of godman; nor does he approve of the compromises with the methods of this world. Every Saviour’s word, in verses 5-42, chapter 10, is a commandment, Godman’s commandment. All those commandments were, are and forever will be commandments for all Christ’s disciples for all times. Yes, yes, yes, always the same Saviour, always the same salvation, always the same apostleship, the same methods, godmanly and unalterable methods. (9,311)
The grasp of secrets celestial and worldly, natural and supernatural, turns Christ’s simple disciples into learned people, the unwise into the wise ones, the non-scribes into the scribes. (9,356)
Lord ‘revealed all things to his disciples’ - that is, whom He confided Himself and all secrets to at the Last Supper, and ‘to those outside’ everything was told in tales, images and allegories. (10,37)
Apostles were modest, with nets and fisherman Peter and his friends, with Philip and others, common folk, fishermen, peasants. Why have you, cultured people, with all this educated world, why have you glorified these simple god-fearing people for two thousand years? What have they done? This, my brethren: they let and managed by faith to plant Lord Christ into themselves, to follow Him and live by Him. To make Him the centre, the heart of their hearts, the heart of their histories, of their lives, of their being. (1,28)
Meek and lacking strength, by Godman they became mighty and almighty. (9,94)
Apostles have not illuminated one people but the whole world. (9,197)
Unless you deny yourselves and all you have, you cannot be my disciples and go after me. That is the Evangelist dilemma of faith. (10,121)
And that is the job that ought to be tackled by the disciples, just as before them the Prophets had tackled it. That is the ‘job’ of the Messiah in the world and the food for all his assistants… In the entirety of that job one thing is done: harvest is collected for life eternal: souls are being saved from death and ushered into life everlasting… EARTH - А GARDEN PLANTED BY GOD’S HANDS. (10,53)
We Orthodox Christians are living by that apostolic faith even today. There is nothing whatsoever we would give it for. The whole world may transform into a torturing place, a torturing place for us Orthodox Christians; again, we do not leave that faith. That is all our treasure, a treasure truly imperishable, heavenly treasure, the treasure that will never be taken from us.(2,137)
The only true sense of human existence in this watermill of death is the personal immortality of every human being. Without it, what is the value of progress and of growing more perfect? What for is good and evil, truth and love? What about heaven and earth? What is the use of God and the world? (6,42)
Death has transformed our entire planet into a lunatic asylum with no exit. There is only one medicine against this death lunacy: immortality. (11,216)
For nothing is so horrendous as immortality, if there is no love in it. What is it then? Eternal suffering, hell. For hell is no other thing than the absence of love. (11,254)
It is horrible to be human if man is not deathless and everlasting. I and you are on the way to the banquet of worms if the last station of our life is in the grave. (2,147)
Endlessness without Christ? Is not that an endless martyrdom for our spirit? Hell is nothing else but endlessness without Christ, deathlessness without Christ. Living immortally without Lord - that is what infernal torture means. (15,132)
Man and brother, what is your life on earth without Life Eternal? What? A short period of time of torment and misfortune, of suffering, of pain and illnesses - that is our earthly life of man without Lord Christ. And God has given us Life Eternal, for both you and me and is giving us in His Holy Church His Holy Communion, through baptizing, through faith, through love, through hope, all that He, Wonderous Lord, feeds as immortal nourishment into our souls to make them immortal… to grant you immortality and Life Eternal. (1,11)
What is the use of science, of culture, of civilization, cinemas, theatres, universities, laboratories, flights into space, what are they good for? Tomorrow you are a candidate for stench, you the man - stinking corpse. That is what you are without Christ, that without Life Eternal, that without immortality! (1,11)
Death had not existed until man introduced it into this world by his sin… That is why Lord became God in order to immortalize man. (1,49)
Man is an immortal and eternal being. Man was created for immortality and eternal life, man was created not to be a passing worm on earth, but an eternal being on earth. (1,135)
What is man without Life Eternal? A sack of bloody clay, a sack full of worms. What is man without immortality? Misfortune of modern and new European man. (1,381)
Those who serve God serve themselves, serve their eternity, serve their eternal man in themselves, their immortal man in themselves. (1,398)
True God is only the one able to defeat death, the one that ensures deathless Life Eternal to you and me. Everything else is a lie: lie and a lie supreme.(2,166)
Behold brother and sister: your every good deed and your every evil deed is immortal. For your good takes you to Paradise, your evil into hell. Man! You are always immortal, you are always eternal, you are never mortal - do not deceive yourself! Even when body falls into the sleep of death – soul is eternally awake. (2,179)
Man grows into all divine immortalities, remaining always in his human nature. That is why Christians have no measure in self-perfecting: the only measure is - measurelessness, the only end - endlessness. (4,186)


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