Human freedom
03. 03. 2021
Mila Alecković

Social engineering program:
The case of Serbia

The meaning of life and health cannot move away from the mean-
ing of the concepts of Good and Evil, and all this is connected with
human deep psychology. In spite of everything, it was ethical utilitar-
ianism that opened up all possible manipulations in the field of psych-
ological and psychiatric science. The basic thing to understand here is
the following: only the unconscious part of a person’s personality can
be manipulated, consciousness, intelligence, and an integrated person-
ality are not subject to this.
The notion of the unconscious, as we know, was understood long
before Sigmund Freud’s theory by major philosophers (and before them
by ancient peoples), while the notions and phenomena of the Oedipal
and Electra Complexes were described in Greek dramas. The notion of
the unconscious in one way or another is already sensed and mentioned
by: Descartes, B. Pascal, M. de Montaigne, Spinoza (B. de Spinosa),
Leibniz (GW Leibniz), Malebranche (N. Malebranche), Rousseau (JJ
Rousseau), Kant (I. Kant), Hume (D. Hume), Fichte (JG Fichte), Goethe
(JW Goethe ), Hegel (F. Hegel), Men de Biran ( Biran), Schelling
(FWJ Schelling), Schopenhauer (A. Schopenhauer), Dostoevsky (F.M.
Dostoevsky), Charcot (JM Charcot), Marx (K. Marx), Bernheim (H.
Bernheim), Jeanne (P. Janet), Hartmann (H. Hartmann), Nietzsche (F.
Nietzsche), Bergson (H. Bergson), and later Jung (CG Yung)…
Manipulative modeling of human personality was well known by
Ignatius de Loyola ( Loyola) who developed the specific pedagogy
of the Jesuits. But the modern age has elevated all this to the collective
and the mass plane. Back in 1968, the French thinker Guy Debord in
his book La société du spectacle, predicted that a major student revolt
would fail because it would be stifled and skillfully drowned in the
directed spectacle of a for-profit entertainment society.
The psychological essence and message of these programs are the
following: complete disenfranchisement and invisible modeling of
human behavior, through a controlled environment and seemingly
naive voting that makes food and electroshock alternate, that is, the
experimental reward and punishment of rats in the maze. One thing
is certain: in all versions of today’s competitive broadcasts on world
television, in Farms, Couples, Survivors, Koh-Lanta Island, etc., the
same principle of action is everywhere: controlled observation and
elimination. It is from this kind of Weltanschauung that a psychopath-
ic, unscrupulous, debauched, envious, atomized, and an unreal crea-
ture emerges, as a far-off degenerate descendant of Thomas Hobbes’s
theory, held in life by only the fear of another being and the interest of
chasing another individual.
Psychological and sociological behaviorism, or Frederick Skinner’s
cage (Big Brother), is thus a social misunderstanding and ignorant ap-
plication of the serious psychological laws of the theory of learning and
conditioning, as well as the most tragic abuse of psychological ideas.
Today, two other major dangers have crept into our reality: global
media manipulation, which classifies Noam Chomsky in several cat-
egories on the one hand, and on the other, a huge abuse of the so-called
children’s rights theory. Chomsky described several dominant media
and political manipulation strategies in the social engineering of con-
temporary societies that are of extreme importance and relevance at
any time, of which we will outline the following:
1. The strategy “make the problem and offer a solution”.
2. strategy of gradual unpopular measure and delay in the future;
3. strategy “replace revolt with guilt”;
4. strategy “replace criticism and thinking with emotion”;
5. strategy “encourage mediocrity”,
6. strategy “apply collective infantilisation” and
7. method of the inquisitor: “we know you better than you know
These media-political strategies of collective manipulation and
Rape of the Masses, to borrow the title of Serge Tchakotinne’s book,
use every undemocratic and monopolistic policy. In another, no less
significant way, social engineering, and control over man were de-
scribed by the French philosopher Michel Foucault.

Humanity on the verge of destruction:
black psychiatry, experiments on people
The second major, and perhaps biggest, problem in today’s psychology
and psychiatry as a whole is the return of the former black psychiatry
along with globalist pharmaco and banking lobbies.
The scientific experiments of the Russian military physician Ivan
Pavlov were shaped into a behavioral psychological American school
by Skinner, Watson, Hull, Guthrie, Tolman, Keller, Harlow, and other
scientists who did experiments on animals. But as early as 1938, a
German military doctor Otto Ranke began physical experiments on
human patients at the Medical Academy in Berlin, before being per-
fected by another physician named Josef Mengele.
During the 1950s of the last century, Azerinski and Kleitman made
scientific experiments with REM sleep deprivation, a continuation of
sensory deprivation experiments to be further conducted by psychia-
trists Donald Hebb (independent researcher) and Donald Cameron,
an associate of the CIA.
It was on this scientific knowledge that the American mind control
programs, which lasted unofficially from 1950 to 1970, relied upon. It
can be said that this is exactly what created the antipsychiatry move-
ment ten years later with famous names, children of Pinel and Es-
quirol, Ronald Laing, Franco Basaglia, and Michel Foucault.
All these experiments on human patients with the emotion of
fear, panic, physical and mental endurance to torture, or with drugs,
pharmacological substances, and injections, belong to the worst part
of black psychiatry, which today has been given wings again by a new
geopolitical virus Covid-19.
Later, the famous experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram,
Jery Karlsberg, and Solomon Asch examined how much people are
able to conform and listen to illogical or inhumane commands. The
conclusions are, unfortunately, devastating. A large number of people,
especially in collective, social, psychology, are brought under author-
ity without any thinking. If the emotion of fear is added to that, the
number of those who can resist this is even smaller. Milgram’s experi-
ment asked people to give other people electric shocks, requiring them
to constantly increase their strength. Many accepted this at the request
of ‘authority’ even when their subjects in the experiment would start
screaming. The subjects in the experiment did not know that the ex-
periment used actors. Only a small number of people were able to resist
the cruelty of the experiment and to refuse obedience to the author-
ity’s command in an inhumane experiment. Milgram’s experiments
continued in different variants in science, but what’s worse, they were
pursued in globalist enslavement practices all over the world. Social
engineering of fear combined with Malthusian elements of eliminat-
ing poor populations have been going on for decades in the form of
bombings, sanctions on enslaved countries, vaccinations with poison-
ous vaccines, pharmaco-experiments, and, finally, in the form of pro-
duction of various bacteria and geopolitical viruses.
The goal was to turn people into scared and dry rats who get a little
food in the maze every time they listen to the experimenter, and when
they don’t listen, they get an electric shock. The world should become
an army of chipped slaves without identity and will, people who
would be regularly vaccinated with Bill Gates vaccines. Older people
should be eliminated according to the program of Jacques Attali, and
younger people should be made without memory as obedient allies.
Any major financial or banking crisis would be accompanied by a
sudden “pandemic” of a new virus during which populations would
be permanently confined in their homes. Obedient and submissive
people should point out those who are not. Spying on and denouncing
people would become the only desirable social reality. Bellum omnium
contra omnes! The centuries-old legacy of human freedom should dis-
But, is it really possible to make rats out of human beings?
The laws of psychological conditioning and learning theory speak
very clearly about the complexity of human emotional and cognitive
abilities, which at different levels are subject to different types of con-
ditioning, ie. learning. The laws of the classical conditioned reflex,
discovered by the ingenious physician Pavlov, affect both animals and
humans, but in different ways and to varying degrees. At the lowest
level in the structure of human consciousness, these laws are infallible,
but the more we climb the cognitive ladder of human ability, the more
the form of conditioning, that is, learning and social learning changes,



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