People Say 40
10. 01. 2022
Radovan Gajic


Number: Accurate
Every conduct conveys certain consequence.
Openminded are a challenge to the conservative.
Conservatives are threat to even a vaguely openminded.
It is easier to win over the enemy in the field than the enemy within
oneself, always.
Open mindedness is close to licentiousness, often.

Number: Taut
Who do you look like when your son looks like this?
Couldn’t you look like your wife, just a bit.

Number: Tiny
Be a given.
Just a given to each other.
A given.
In each your act recognize one another.
Proceed in such a conduct, precisely.

Nuber: of the Srb
Mother, you will never hear me crying.
I will die in a pain and sorrow but – to a bully just because he is a
bully – I’ll never confess his false justice.


Tears do survive.
Tears stream from the eyes.
But there are kosovotears.
Kosovotears are shed from the soul.
You are tearing for Kosovo?
You are tearing over Kosovo?
It’s good; it’s still ours.
One who renounces Kosovo in his soul
Is the one who assassinates his own soul.

10. 01. 2022
Milutin Mićović


You have the heaviest weapon
You kill without a bullet

Vicked zero


At the beginning of
You ate your brain
And hungry into the world she set out

You are girded by a snake
You eat with thoughts and thoughts
You eat with your shadow

You’re going dead hungry
From town to town
From head to head

Rejoicing in vain

Brain drink
It is your last pleasure

From the greatest darkness you dream of the sun
Turn it off with your hug

Translated by Radomir Baturan

10. 01. 2022
Ivan M. Petrović


My firstborn, my hope,
And my terrible judgment …
I can’t these legs hurt,
From trampling clay, chaff and mud,
Walk faster to own destiny.
They have walked for you,
that the bread mixing bowl be stuffed with flour,
from which strength tightens your muscles.

Тhese trembling hands can’t
Carry the weight of the last bite,
Because they were torn out
When the brethren persuaded me,
To let the oxen run over you in plowing.
To make one hungry mouth less …

The halter of Sivonja does not cracks,
But my heart almost breaks,
Because of that sinful thought.

And take me a little further from this rockс,
Because that’s where I, my father, made the last cake.

And I’m not afraid of anything but one:
I’m afraid he won’t hit hard enough …
… like I used to be…

Translated by Radomir Baturan

1) Violent death of the elderly

10. 01. 2022
Željka Avrić


We are that kind
which they removed from the cross

have stab with a knife and a cake
swore by the Son and the Father

We are that tribe
which they poisoned our seeds

sprinkled with our own blood
hhunged peeled off melted
We are from that herd
which the army of had

baptized with fire and sword
fined with moans and cries

We are of that sort
which are wolf cohorts

halved slaughtered beheaded

We are from the lagoon of escape
migration column of queues

from a fresco from a shrine
banished by ghosts

We are from the land of the black
from the soot of ossuary

with forgiveness hatred overgrown
to rise from the ashes

Translated by Radomir Baturan



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